Is Courageous Heart dojo affiliated with the Hombu Dojo in Japan? Yes. Our dojo is part of a buyu (martial friends) network of Bujinkan dojos in Australia and worldwide and teachers are members of the Shidoshi-Kai.

Is there any spiritual or religious affiliation in the Bujinkan? No.

How are students graded? Grading requirements and examinations ensure you learn the foundation techniques (kihon) needed to achieve shodan (first degree black belt) is achievable within 3 years if you train regularly. Senior grades are awarded in the traditional manner which is on an individual basis.

Do you do tournaments or competitions? No. Competitions have rules which is against the spirit of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.

How do you test effectiveness? We use scenario based training in a range of natural and urban settings and practice randori in which two or more practitioners ‘play’ and ‘test’ each other in a free form use of skill and technique with due attention to safety and taking into account different skill levels.

Do you have beginner classes? Occasionally - but usually beginners may attend any class and are given specific exercises or a more basic version of what is being taught in the class.

Do I need to be fit to start? No! Just start.

Will I get fit? Yes, but...conditions apply! Our training drills, games  and exercises are based on foundation techniques to ensure you get a sweat up. With regular training  you will develop your flexibility, stamina and endurance. However, if you only do 1-2 classes  a week and no other exercise you will need to do additional home training to build and maintain fitness.


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