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We train in both traditional forms and modern applications of Japanese jujutsu and ninjutsu,

Ten Chi Jin Ryaku No Maki

The Book of Heaven, Earth and Man is the basis for training. It covers the foundation skills, strategies, principles of the nine ryu or schools of martial arts that Hatsumi Soke inherited from his own teacher,  Toshitsugu Takamatsu. Soke gives instructors freedom to teach the Tenchijin according to the needs of their particular training group.

The Book of Ten - Heaven

Rei                           opening bow and salutation

Junan taiso              conditioning, flexibility

Kamae                     protective/fighting postures

Hoken juroppo        16 striking treasures

Taihenjutsu              movement skills

Gogyo no kata         five training forms

Kihon happo            eight basic fighting patterns

The Book of Chi - Earth

Tehodoki/taihodoki escapes from grabs/holds

Gyaku                      joint reversals, takedowns

Suwari gata             kneeling/sitting techniques

Keri gata                 leg attacks and defences

Shime waza            chokes

Nage                       throwing

The Book of Jin - Man

Kosshi/koppojutsu advanced striking, kicking

Jutaijutsu                takedowns, restraints

Muto dori                weapon evasion

Nage                       advanced nage

Ninjutsu                  escaping forms


Humans pick up objects when threatened, angry or to defend themselves. Our training is based on the understanding that any object may become a weapon, any part of the weapon may be used and any object may be incorporated into any attack or defence. We practice with bladed, stick, rope, projectile traditional or modern weaponry/objects and we pay particular attention to the use of hidden objects as weapons.

Seminars and special training

Specific ryu and weapons are studied in more depth in seminars. Seminars also cover special interest subjects: climbing, survival/bush skills, modern sport weapons.

Randori/scenario based training

Senior students practice randori - free form attack/defence. This may be robust at times and is not encouraged during early stages of training. After a few months, all students may participate in scenario based training to develop effective self defence skills. We train in a range of urban and natural settings. Exposure to testing, resistance and realism is progressive and safe.

Courageous Heart hosts or attends 3-6 seminars a year with top Australian and international instructors to ensure both instructors and students are challenged and open to new input, different approaches and ideas. Instructors we have hosted include: Duncan Stewart (AUS), Tim Bathurst (AUS), Shawn Grey (CAN/NZ), Fernando Axio Torres (SPAIN); Ed Martin (USA); Antonis and Harry Mitrou (GREECE); Simon Gaunt (NZ). The dojo has attended seminars with Ed Lomax, Jamie MacAninch, Brin and Natascha Morgan, Phil Legare, Michael Pearce, Sveneric Bogstar, Mark O Brien.