courageous heart bujinkan
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Courageous Heart Bujinkan instructors each have over 35 years’ experience in martial arts and self-defence training as well as professional qualifications in management, health and welfare. They typically train 2-3 times a year in Japan with Hatsumi Sensei and the senior Japanese shihan. Both instructors have taught self-defence in schools, institutions and organisations. They were co-convenors for three Women in Martial Arts National Conferences and taught at the inaugural Bujinkan Kunoichi (Women’s) Taikai in Germany 2010.

Gillian Booth

Gillian is a former Australian judo champion and officiated in judo at the Sydney Olympics.

Gillian was co-host of the first Australian Bujinkan Shihan Taikai in 2007. In 2009 she was awarded judan ku (10th degree, 5th level). In 2010, Gillian’s contribution to the Bujinkan was recognised by Hatsumi Soke who awarded her the Bujinkan Gold Medal. In April 2015, she was made Yuushihan - special or most excellent shihan and in December 2015, received the Bufu Ikkan award. Gillian has taught seminars in Australia, NZ, Ireland, UK, Europe, Ghana and Canada.

Frances Haynes

In 2010 Frances was awarded judan ku (10th degree, 5th level), the Bujinkan Gold Medal in 2011 and in December 2015, she was made Yuushihan special or most excellent shihan by Hatsumi Sensei. Frances has also trained in women’s self-defence, hapkido and kungfu. She has been a consultant to Australian governments on interpersonal violence and crime prevention. Frances  has a particular interest in self defence and scenario based training.

Senior students, many with over 10-15 years training experience, also assist with teaching.